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THE QUIET LUXURY – that is our philosophy and the essential basic idea with which we develop our collection and every style.
We bring the same attention to design detail and meticulous pursuit of quality to all of our garments. Above all, we make sure that you feel comfortable. At the beginning of 2020, Sabine Groiss launched a small, fine knitwear collection that is produced exclusively in Portugal. Our mission is to offer fewer and better garments; a straightforward system of feel-good outfits that are easy to style and can fit together seamlessly or be integrated into your existing wardrobe. We prefer simplicity and durability, high quality and sustainable production in the EU. We pay particular attention to ensuring that you feel comfortable with it.

The new quiet luxury:

Can classics make a difference? We believe that making (and owning) fewer things with much higher quality can have a positive impact on the environment. We design each piece in an iconic silhouette and create them so that they can withstand moods and trends and you can enjoy your feel-good outfits for a long time. For us, a shirt isn't just a shirt, it's a feeling. It is the result of our careful approach and designed to be worn again and again with great pleasure.

Sourcing & Development

A lot of effort and dedication goes into selecting styles and qualities, as they not only determine the appearance, but also how they can be combined across seasons. For our fabrics and yarns, we use uncompromisingly high-quality basic qualities that are developed and manufactured in the European Union by our suppliers.
Our production facilities are located in Portugal and Italy and are all owner-managed family businesses, many of which have been in family hands for generations. Personal contact and respectful, cooperative collaboration are an important part of our work for us.

Store & Retail

Our Elisabethvienna store was opened in 2016 on Wollzeile in Vienna. The charming and predominantly owner-managed shopping street in Vienna was the deciding factor in choosing the local store. Initially and to this day managed as a multi-label store, the carefully selected collections fit together harmoniously and create a feel-good shopping experience.

In addition to our Vienna store and our own online shop, we are also represented online and offline by selected retail partners.

THE QUIET LUXURY – we love it and hope you will love it too!