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The best way to ensure your clothes last a lifetime is with proper care. All of our garments come with a care label containing instructions on how best to care for them. This will prevent your clothes from being damaged during washing.

Machine wash

Most textiles can be washed in the washing machine. It's just a question of how? Many washing machines today offer gentle hand washing or wool washing programs. We recommend washing at a temperature of max. 30 degrees and a very low spin speed of max. 400 revolutions - this usually corresponds to a hand wash or wool washing program.

Not only the right temperature and mechanics are crucial for a long-lasting garment, but also the choice of detergent. Please use liquid detergent for delicate laundry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Less delicate clothing can be hung up to drain. Wool, on the other hand, needs special treatment: it is rolled in a towel, then carefully pulled into shape and dried lying down.